Complexity of Policy
di 17 feb 2015

When we think about public policy, two narratives seem persistent: that of market fundamentalism and government control. These approaches however seem to restrict the creativity of policy makers. Roland Kupers puts forward a new approach: that of complexity science. Can this revolutionize our way of thinking about society and public policy? And will this new approach really make a difference? 

This theme night takes place on the 17th of February and is co-organized with Spui25 and Athenaeum Boekhandel. Ronald Kupers, one of the authors of Complexity and the Art of Public Policy, will start to outline the theory of complexity as a new way of approaching policy. Kupers will engage in a debate with Martijn van der Steen (co-dean and adjunct-director of the Dutch School for Public Governance (NSOB) )on the consequences of these ideas in practice, and also with the public and participating moderator David Laws, who is a senior lecturer in the Department of Political Science at the University of Amsterdam!

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