Machiavelli discusses: 'What is Sustainability?'
wo 24 feb 2016

What does sustainability mean? Different visions lead to different policies. Whose perspective do you find most convincing?

The world population keeps growing exponentially. But we can’t say the same thing about food production. Feeding on a global scale gets more and more difficult. At the same time there is a lot of food waste. How should we look at these problems, and how should we try to solve them?

What is sustainability?

On February the 24th Machiavelli will ask himself this question. Are you curious to know the answer to this question? Come at 20:00 o’clock to the theatre room in CREA where you have the possibility to look at this concept from different perspectives.

Observe this concept through different eyes. See how Hennie de Haan, chairman of de poultry trade union and journalist Ralf Bodelier will enter in discussions with philosopher Floris van den Berg and columnist & founder of the Food Film Festival Janno Lanjouw. John Grin will lead the discussion.

Don’t waste this opportunity. Think about the future

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