Machiavelli's publecture
ma 06 nov 2017

Here we are again! Machiavelli's first publecture of the year! 
In cooperation with you, we'll invite a member of the political science department staff to a cozy pub in Amsterdam. The idea is to take teachers out of their academic comfort zone and have an educational, exciting and above all informative evening! At first, he or she will eleborate about the field of research he or she is working in. After this there will be time for discussion and conversation. We'll finish the night with some beers and wines on the expense of Machiavelli! We hope to see you all on the 6th of November

THEME and SPEAKER announced!
We're really excited to announce both the theme and the lecturer of the night! 
Lucy Hall will guide us through the evening with all her enthusiasm. During the night, Lucy will explain you everything you need to know about doing feminist research. She is currently working on her PhD on Gender and Human Rights Protection. Besides this she is busy co-editing a book on global politics and motherhood. At our department, she is teacher at the course: 'Gender, Human Security and Conflict'. Besides this she is very active in the PPLE community and teacher in several IR courses to our fellow students at the other side of the REC campus.

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