Annual General Assembly

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General Assembly
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Oct 14, 2021 18:00 - 22:00

Annual General Assembly

The General Assembly (GA) is the highest body within Machiavelli. A GA is a meeting to which all Machiavelli members are invited. The GA has multiple important tasks, such as: checking up on the policy plans and budget plans of the board, choosing the Application Committee that forms the new Machiavelli board and asking critical questions on the current state of Machiavelli. What is going well and what needs to be adjusted? The GA decides!

Members are the most important attendees at GA’s, as they have voting rights and can make final decisions which the board has to answer to. Members can also hand in motions that suggest a permanent change in the way Machiavelli is organized. Each GA, the board presents its policy plan(s) for the (rest of) the year. Each board member reflects on their functioning and presents their plan for the future. Members have the opportunity to ask questions and express their opinions about the plans of board members. After the presentations, members vote on whether they agree with what has been presented to them. The same happens with the budget plan. In this way, members can influence their association directly.

More info, like time and location, coming soon! Hope to see you there on the 14th of October.

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