Tasks of the board

Each academic year, Machiavelli is run by a new board. This board fully commits themselves to Machiavelli in order to keep the association up and running. The board of Machiavelli consists of seven members. Amongst the board members, the following positions are divided:

Chair, Secretary, Treasurer, Education Coordinator, Political Activities Coordinator, Social Activities Coordinator, International Coordinator.

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Chair: Linde Reus

As Chair, you are responsible for the internal relations within the board. You are a connecting factor for your fellow board members. This means you must always be up to date on their current tasks and be approachable for any help or advice they might need. This is a lot of fun, as you cooperate with everyone from the board and you get to work on a diverse range of projects. Besides that, you lead the weekly board meetings where updates on events are given and issues that arise are discussed.

In addition, you maintain the external relations Machiavelli has with other associations and the university. You do this by meeting with board members from other associations and by organizing events together. Lastly, you stay in close contact with the department and the university.

Secretary: Ihlara Bouwman

The tasks of a secretary are very diverse but can generally be divided into four pillars: Administrative tasks, the General Assembly, Promotion and De Derde Dinsdag.

Firstly, you are responsible for administrative tasks. You, for instance, maintain the member's base and send out a monthly members’ mail. You are also responsible for organizing the General Assembly, which takes place three times a year. Read more about the GA here. Another task is coordinating promotion within the board and making sure members keep being updated about upcoming events. Last but not least you are responsible for publishing editions of our members’ magazine: De Derde Dinsdag. The secretary is the editor in chief and supports the committee by organizing meetings, helping the committee with their articles and editing the magazine.

Treasurer: Piet Seidenberg

The treasurer is responsible for all financial transactions, revenue streams and financial policy of the association. This entails bookkeeping, but also checking event budgets and adjusting them accordingly to ensure the association's money is spent in an orderly and responsible fashion.

In addition, you also coordinate the External Relations Committee, which is the committee tasked with pursuing partnerships and sponsorship deals for the association.

Machiavelli's book sale is the final responsibility of the treasurer: the treasurer - in coordination and cooperation with the department and our book sale partner Athenaeum - manages the entire process, from compiling the book lists to the actual emission of the books.

Education Coordinator: Tim Wagelaar

As Education Coordinator, you are responsible for three aspects of Machiavelli.

Your main priority is monitoring the quality of our education. In order to do this, you are constantly in contact with the staff and students. Besides that, you are responsible for the career element of Machiavelli. This includes the organization of different kinds of career-related events like inhouse days and workshops. Lastly, you organize educational events like pub lectures, symposia and an open evening.

Political Activities Coordinator: Julia Keyser

As PAC, you are responsible for the political activities of Machiavelli. This means that you coordinate the process of the organization of around eight political activities throughout the year. Together with a PAC committee, you are constantly busy with brainstorming, organizing and evaluating political events ranging from a congress and a field trip to theme nights. In the end, the goal is to organize political activities that have an added value on the curriculum and current affairs and to explore the political world beyond our studies.

Social Activities Coordinator: Robin Ravensbergen

As Social Activities Coordinator you are the face of Machiavelli’s social life. The activities you and your committee organize offer a platform where students can meet others, talk to each other and build friendships. The function of SAC is an amazing function within the board, seeing people having fun on your events is an amazing experience. Being SAC is also challenging because you have the most events of the year. With good planning and structuring, this is very doable. If you are a social being with love for partying and connecting people this might be an amazing opportunity during your student life. 

International Coordinator: Dana Rentenaar

As International Coordinator, you represent Machiavelli and the association's interests outside of the Netherlands. This is of course done by organizing trips where Machiavellians can travel to all corners of the world to explore the local politics, culture, and nightlife. In practice, this means doing a lot of research, chairing various committees, and coming up with creative new travel ideas! However, networking is also a big part of the job: you not only make connections with those you meet during Machiavelli’s travels but also with other political science associations, globally.