Social Activities Committee

Social Activities Committee

The life of a student does not only consists of studying. The social aspect of the student life is perhaps of the same importance as the study itself. Therefore, Machiavelli organizes a broad range of social activities every year. From pub quizzes to parties and from visiting the theatre to scoring the winning point in a sportive event.

Social Activities

One of our weekly events is the borrel. This is organized every Wednesday from 20.00 p.m. until 1.00 a.m. at De Heeren van Aemstel. About once a month, the borrel is extra festive, we add something special. In addition, the Social Activities Committee organizes four parties throughout the year with one prom among them. We also arrange two weekends every year, where you will meet fellow students from different years. However, this is not everything as Machiavelli also focusses on cultural events, such as a talent show and a live music night or sports activities like the Machialympics.


For the members, by the members.

The events are not all organized by the Social Activities Coordinator himself. There is an entire committee full of energetic and enthusiastic members that play a big role in the organization of all the events. You can choose how much time you spend on it and it is a very nice way of meeting new people and develop your organization-, communication- and creativity skills.

Are you interested in joining the committee or do you want more information? Send a mail to or come and see us at Machiavelli's office!


Jobeleen Perez: Social Activities Coordinator