Institutional Racism Resources

It has been 6 months since the death of George Floyd, which was another signal of the current existence of institutional racism in many societies. We are, sadly, far from ridding ourselves from this form of hate, fear and inequality. But there is progress and there are people trying to tackle this problem. Within Political Science a focus group has been set up to tackle institutional racism within our programme. This focus group consists of multiple teachers such as Saskia Bonjour, she teaches the courses 'Introduction to Gender & Sexuality' and 'The Politics of Gender and Race in (Post) Colonial History’, and Floris Vermeulen, who is also co-director of the institute for Migration and Ethnic Studies. Dana Rentenaar, an ex-board member of Machiavelli, is also part of this focus group. This focus group has created plans that they will introduce after they got feedback and approval.O ur board has also been actively engaged with the focus group and provided feedback on the plans made so far. We are also one included in the execution of some of the proposed measures! It might take some more time before the plans have the required approvals.

If you want to learn more about institutional racism, we have provided some sources for you to research.


Note: If you are interested in more reading material or have any questions about content produced by professors at the UvA, you are encouraged to reach out to them!

European literature:

Dancygier, R. and Laitin, D., 2014. Immigration into Europe: Economic Discrimination, Violence, and Public Policy. Annual Review of Political Science, 17(1), pp.43-64. 

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American literature:

Papers on protesting, policing, and race from the political science journals published by Cambridge University Press

A reading list on policing in the United States

An anti-racist reading list from Ibram X. Kendi

Eckhouse, L., 2019. Race, Party, and Representation in Criminal Justice Politics. The Journal of Politics, 81(3), pp.1143-1152.

Hinton, E., 2020. George Floyd’S Death Is A Failure Of Generations Of Leadership. [online]

Mazumder, S., 2020. What Protests Can (And Can’T) Do. [online] FiveThirtyEight. 

Novels by James Baldwin


SRV Podcast, episode 46 – Rethinking identity, with Kwame Anthony Appiah

Stuk Rood Vlees Podcast, episode 32 – Intersectionality and activism, with Akwugo Emejulu

Videos and Webinars:

A series of flash-webinars on policing

Race and the Criminal Justice System: Where Do We Go From Here?

Dr. Charles W. Mills - Does Race Exist?

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