How to join the online borrel

On March 20th at 16.00 we will make use of Discord, a free app for text-, video- and audio-communication to recreate our borrel. Because having a video conversation with lots of people all at once can lead to absolute chaos, we will work with Discord channels. We will set up multiple channels, so that you can flip through them whenever you want. This way you can still speak to everyone, but no conversation will get crowded enough that you can't hear yourself thinking anymore. Think of it like speed-dating with different groups. We'll also open a channel with music and space for more people, because a little bit of chaos can also be fun at times.

This is how it works:

We'll share a link with you at 15:45 so you can join our server: “Niccolò”. After pressing the link you'll end up on a 'dashboard'. Click on one of the names on the left to flip through the different voice channels (Outside smoking area, the bar, toilet, slippery stairs, upstairs and the dance floor). Note that you don't automatically join the video conversation, but others will be able to hear you. You can turn on your video-stream by going to the text channel "Links-for-video-in-chat" and pressing the link of your video channel. If you want to join another channel, you also have to click the link for that channel, each time you switch.

It may sound a bit difficult to you now, but rest assured - Linde even got it to work for her. If you have any questions, Machiavelli's tech support is happy to assist you!

We've already stocked up our fridge with cold beer!

See you soon!