Onderwijslieverdje (Education Darling) Winner!!!

The votes by the students are counted and the winner of the award for best teacher of the year has been decided! The winner of Machiavelli’s Onderwijslieverdje(Education Darling) of 2020-2021 is none other than Darshan Vigneswaran! Congratulations to Dr. Vigneswaran for being elected by the students as the favourite teacher of the year! Congratulations to all nominated teachers as well. There are also a few honourable mentions in place for Sarah de Lange, Luc Fransen and Aldert van Dam.

Study Association Machiavelli would also like to express their sincere gratitude on behalf of all the Political Science students to all teachers and departmental staff members. Thank you for all doing your best to make sure that one of the most important times in a student's life could continue!


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