The 56th board says goodbye

Beloved Machiavellians,

The end of the academic year ‘19/’20 also means that we, the 56th board of Study Association Machiavelli, will leave office. With this farewell, there comes a definitive end to a special and eventful year. A year of new friendships, memorable experiences and fraternization, both in-person and remotely. We hope you enjoyed it just as much as we did.

We would like to thank you for your unprecedented enthusiasm and commitment this year. Involvement that, as we have noticed, has crossed city and country borders several times. After all, Machiavelli would be nothing without its members.

The physical enthusiasm for the association until mid-March and in the past few weeks warms our hearts with joy. The interest and attendance during our trips, at our parties and at our borrels, educational and political activities and the enthusiasm for our members’ magazine has been overwhelming. We thank our committees for the contributions they have made both behind the scenes and in the spotlight.

In addition, we would particularly like to thank the department of political science. Together with them, we have attempted to manage the crisis in the best possible way for our students. Through constant communication, we feel more involved with the department and its tasks than ever before.

We are looking forward to a fantastic 57th Machiavelli year and we have great confidence in the candidate board. We hope to see you in Oosterpark during Machiavelli’s Staycation upcoming Tuesday. After that we hope to see all of you again after a well-deserved summer break.


The 56th Board of Study Association Machiavelli

Linde, Ihlara, Piet, Tim, Julia, Robin and Dana


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