Paying Contribution

If you are on this page it probably means you were led here through an email, here you will find instructions on how to pay your member's contribution for the academic year 18/19. Furthermore, you will also find instructions on how to sign a SEPA mandate, meaning in the future we can collect contribution through direct debit, making the whole process easier. 

If you have a Dutch bank account you can pay using this payment request:

If you do not have a Dutch bank account you can pay by transferring 10 euros to NL08INGB0004851137 with the description "Contribution Machiavelli".

If the name on the bank account you are paying with is different than the name in your Machiavelli account please send an email to that we know you paid! You can also send an email if you have any questions about the contribution in general!

We have also fixed the SEPA problem and we ask that you sign the SEPA form on our site, which will allow you to pay your membership fee through direct debit in the future. You can sign this form by following these steps:

1. Go to your Machiavelli Profile on this website

2. Scroll down in your profile to the header ''Bank account"

3. Please sign the SEPA contract where it says ''Direct debit"

If you have questions about the SEPA mandate you can send an email to