AIM VS Machiavelli: Pubquiz Tournament


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May 21, 2021

AIM VS Machiavelli: Pubquiz Tournament

Dear Party People,

Machiavelli and AIM will be joining forces in the ultimate battle between Polisci and PPLE students. Testing both courses' knowledge on pop culture, geography, history and politics through a PubQuiz! We need YOU to represent your field of study on the 21st of May in this historic competition and stand up for your team members 

 All you need is zoom, determination and drinks (alcoholic or not) 
 Wear blue clothing to represent PPLE!
 Wear (Machia-) red clothing to represent PoliSci!

We have spots available for 10 teams of 4 people, to represent Machiavelli! Make sure only 1 of you (the Team Captain) signs up on behalf of all of you!

Each team will receive a Gall & Gall giftcard (worth 10€) to get themselves a carepackage delivered for during the event ;)

We look forward to seeing you there!!

Sign up now :)

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