Education Committee

Education Committee

Tim Wagelaar: Education Coordinator 2019-2020

Quality of education

A long time ago study association Machiavelli was founded to improve the quality of education. Throughout the years lots of things have changed but nowadays the quality of education this remains as one of the most important goals of the association. The monitoring of the contemporary quality of education is mainly the task of the Coordinator Education. You can address all your problems, questions and complaints related to the education in the bachelor Political Science to him or her. 


To ‘measure’ this quality and to look after it two committees are important. First the Education Committee. This committee consists of Political Science students from all the different years. In this way, the committee is able to keep an eye on the whole department and the education in all year layers. Problems, complaints, and questions are bundled and filtered and afterward communicated with the department to make sure they get solved and to act upon it. Besides the Education Committee, there is a First Years Council. Here all courses within the first year of the bachelor receive extra attention. This is particularly relevant this year because of the switch to the dual-language bachelor. 


Besides the committees, the Education Coordinator organizes a couple of events throughout the year. This changes every year but there are some events that tend to return every year. The biggest one is the Machiavelli Masterclasses event. Together with an independent Masterclasses Committee a day filling program is set up to discover all the career possibilities after the life of a Political Science student. Besides this, the Machiavelli pub lectures are a returning event as well. Here a lecturer or a researcher is taken out of his or her comfort zone and invited to a pub to talk about their field of research or personal interests. With a beer close by students go into interaction afterward.

Interested in joining the discussion on your education or enthusiastic about organizing meaningful events? Sign up for the Education Committee or First Years Council via The committees are open throughout the whole year for your input!