Education Committee

Education Committees

Tim Wagelaar: Education Coordinator 2019-2020

Quality of Education

A long time ago study association Machiavelli was founded to improve the quality of education. Throughout the years lots of things have changed but nowadays the quality of education remains as one of the most important goals of the association. The monitoring of the contemporary quality of education is mainly the task of the Coordinator Education. You can address all your problems, questions and complaints related to the education in the bachelor Political Science to him or her.

Machiavelli has three different education-related committees. Two of them keep themselves busy with monitoring the quality of education and one is concerned with Machiavelli’s Career-related business. All committees get the opportunity to organise educational events like pub lectures, symposia or an open evening.

First Years’ Council

The First Year is by far the biggest group of Political Science and therefore highly relevant to pay extra attention to. For that purpose, Machiavelli has its own First Year Council. During the meetings, we will discuss the quality of lectures, tutorials, exams, and teachers. After each meeting, the Education Coordinator makes sure that the interest and opinions of the First Year students is communicated towards the department.

Education Committee

In the Education Committee, the entire study of Political Science is discussed. Therefore, it is very important that all years are reflected within this committee (only first-year students are advised to join the First Years’ Council instead of this committee). By discussing our education, it is possible to keep an overview of the entire study. This makes it possible to express the student interest within the department. Besides that, the committee organises educational events.

Career Committee

The Career Committee provides all students with the opportunity to gain career related experience and broaden their professional work. This is done by the organisation of in-house days and other network activities. The biggest task of this committee is organising the big career week which takes place in February.