Education Committee

Education Committees

Quality of Education

The Study Association Machiavelli was founded to improve the quality of education. Since then, Machiavelli’s tasks and role has greatly expanded beyond the just the category of education. However, maintaining the quality of our education is still one of the most important tasks of our association. 

The Education Coordinator is the primary person responsible for improving and monitoring the quality of education, but she cannot do this all by herself. The Education Committee & the First-Year Council also monitors the education, and pieces together advice and reports that will be discussed with the Department of Political Science, and the Programme Committee of Political Science. You can always approach the Education Coordinator and the Education Committee with problems or suggestions regarding our study. 

The Education Committee organises informational and educational events. These events are offered as an addition to the normal curriculum of Political Science.

Education Committee

The Education Committee consists of students from every year. The Committee meets monthly to discuss all the feedback they have gathered regarding the courses, the problems they have notices and suggestions on how to improve our programme. This committee is meant to represent all the students who follow Political Science. During their monthly meetings, they set up an advice report, which is discussed with the Department.

The Committee also sets up educational events - Pub Lectures, which are casual lectures in Bars, Education Dialogues which facilitates conversations between the students and the Department, and the year is crowned off with the Symposium where experts from different fields come together to discuss a topic of the Committee’s choosing.

First-Year Council

The First-Year Council (FYC) is the biggest education-related body that is overseen by the Education Coordinator. The FYC consists of two or three class representatives from every tutorial group. The FYC talks about all problems that are related to the programme of the first year. The FYC also sets up a report containing advice on how to improve the first year’s education, and this report is also discussed with the Department.

How can I apply?

For the Education Committee, email with a 150-word motivation/application letter 

For First-Year Council, you would have to be selected through your tutorial group, then email Lesa Fernandes at with your name, tutorial group and phone number.


Lesa Fernandes - Education Coordinator 2023-2024