Education Committee

Education Committees

Quality of Education

A long time ago study association Machiavelli was founded to improve the quality of education. Since then, Machiavelli’s tasks and role have greatly expanded beyond the category of education. But it is still one of our main tasks to still improve our education. To improve and monitor our education is mainly the task of the Education Coordinator, but he does not do this all by himself. Two committees also monitor the education and make pieces of advice and reports that will be discussed with the Department of Political Science. You can always approach the Education Coordinator or any of the education-related committees if you have problems or suggestions regarding our study.

Two of the education-related committees are also very active in organizing informational and educational events. These events are offered as an addition to the normal curriculum of Political Science. These events range from thought-provoking, to skill-teaching, to career-preparing events. 

Education Committee

The Education Committee is a committee that consists of students from every year. They meet monthly to discuss all the feedback they have gathered, the problems they noticed and the suggestions on how to improve our programme. This committee is meant to represent all the students who follow Political Science. During their monthly meetings, they set up an advice in the form of a report, which is then discussed with the Department of Political Science. Furthermore, the Education Committee organizes entertaining and informative events such as the Pub Lectures, Education Dialogues and the Symposium.

First-Year Council

The First-Year Council (FYC) is the biggest education-related body that is overseen by the Education Coordinator. The FYC consists of one class representative from every tutorial group. The FYC talks about all problems that are related to the programme of the first year. The FYC also sets up a report containing advice on how to improve the first year’s education and this report is also discussed with the Department. 


Mary Dost: Education Coordinator 2022-2023