General Assembly

The Presidium arranges and hosts the General Assembly (GA) together with the secretary and chair of the board. The main function of the GA’s is to check up on the board. This is mainly done by checking their policy plans, year reports, and budget reports. There are three GA’s a year. During the Annual GA, the board will only present their budget report and the nominated board will present their policy plans. During the Semi-Annual GA, the board will discuss its half-year report and half-year budget report. During the Nomination GA, the board will present their full-year report. 

Composition and tasks of the presidium

Chair: The chair’s function is to make sure the GA runs smoothly. On the one hand, this is about preventing unnecessary repetitions and discussions, on the other hand, it is about providing enough opportunities for creative suggestions and insights. The Chair must ensure the most important aspect of the GA, make it the place where all members get the opportunity to share their views. 

Vice-Chair: Assists the chair and be of counsel. The Vice-Chair will not only keep an eye on the time and help with members’ names but can also advise the Chair on what to do. The Vice-Chair must have sufficient knowledge of the statutes and regulations of the association. Lastly, the Vice-Chair, together with a controlling member, counts the ballots after a vote. 

Secretary: Makes minutes during the General Assembly that will be posted on the Machiavelli website within two weeks after the GA, so all members can assess these. 

Current composition

Chair: Amy Fox

Vice-Chair: Lester Moumen

Secretary: Carlos Fitton

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