Can't Dutch This


Dear Machiavelli student/member,

Can’t Dutch This is a Dutch-language initiative in Amsterdam, organizing interactive and fun Dutch language courses for already more than 7 years. They organize small group (8 people) courses, focussing on speaking, interactive teaching, and creating a nice, safe, and social atmosphere (gezellig!). Learning Dutch and learning about Dutch culture, traditions, and habits will make your time here much more wholesome! Therefore, you are invited to their run of basic (A0-A2), intermediate (A1-A2+), or advanced (B1) Dutch courses! Keep an eye on the Machiavelli Instagram.

During the Dutch course, you will have 10 (weekly) classes of two hours. After ten classes you will be able to read Dutch, write Dutch, and have simple Dutch conversations. Two of the ten classes will be fun outside excursions. You can pick a suitable time slot after signing up. The locations are Science Park and Roeterseiland. The price of the course is only 190 euros for the ten classes (30,- reduction!), including all the books and access to an online learning environment.

You will receive a link with the available timeslots soon after registering. If you have any questions regarding the content, planning, or payment of the course, then please contact Olivier through the details below. I'm looking forward to seeing you at the course :) 


Telephone: +31615373416

Machiavelli & Olivier