De Derde Dinsdag Committee

De Derde Dinsdag Committee

De Derde Dinsdag is Machiavelli’s Members’ Magazine

The magazine’s name translates to “The Third Tuesday” in English. It is named after “Prinsjesdag” in September, which is the day that the Dutch Government announces their budget plans for the upcoming year.

DDD as the magazine, appears four times a year. Each edition has a different theme decided by the committee members. The editions consist of serious articles, study or Machiavelli related spreads, creative pieces that ties in with the theme, and even sometimes a comic. De Derde Dinsdag has both printed copies and online editions later on published on our website. In addition, when one of the main editions is in the works, we publish pieces of our writers online without a theme being necessary.

De Derde Dinsdag Committee

DDD is made by the De Derde Dinsdag Committee where creative minds of Machiavelli come together to write, design, draw, or edit the magazine into what it is today. If that sounds like you, or you want to gain experience as a journalist, editor or designer of a magazine, this committee is for you!

You can always apply to become a writer for the next edition of De Derde Dinsdag!

To apply, send a 150 motivation letter and a bonus piece of writing to ! Applications for design and editorial teams are closed until 2024-2025. 

If you have any further questions or want more information, send an email to . 


Zeynep Akdoğan - Secretary 2023-2024