Promotion Committee

Promotion Committee

The Promotion Committee is a new addition to Machiavelli's committee structure. 

If you are interested in helping Machiavelli get bigger and attract a larger audience; or if you want to have marketing experience working with a nice group of people, join the Promotion Committee! 

General Promotion Committee 

The General Promotion Committee will include 1 person per each main committee of Machiavelli, overlooked by the Secretary in order to evaluate how the promotion is proceeding. These people are there to come up with creative ideas to promote events and the association. You can also gain experience with programs such as Canva for social media marketing by taking part in this committee! 

Applications for this committee is conditional! If you would like to take part in the General Promotion Committee, you must be a part of one of the main committees of Machiavelli that you would like to represent. 

Merch Committtee 

Machiavelli makes various types of merch throughout an academic year. This year, we are looking for people interested in design to join our merch committee and create these merch in cooperation with mainly the Secretary and also the Board of the association. 

Apply if you would like to see your design represented on tote bags, the yearly Machiavelli sweater, and other merch that will be created! 

Applications are closed until 2024-2025.