Social Activities Committee

Social Activities Committee

What is the Social Activities Committee

The life of a student does not only consist of studying. The social aspect of the student life is perhaps of the same importance as the study itself. Therefore, Machiavelli organizes a broad range of social activities every year. From pub quizzes to parties and from visiting the theatre to scoring the winning point in a sportive event. This is all organized to make Machiavelli the best study break from political science there is. This also resembled in the motto of organizer of this all: the social activities committee. Who proudly lives by the following words: Let's make Machiavelli swing! 

What social activities are going to be organized this year?

Usually one of our weekly events is the borrel. This is organized on Thursdays at De Heeren van Aemstel, Leentje, de Gieter or one of the other fun bars we have close relationships with. About once a month, the borrel is extra festive, we add something special.  This could be a theme for example like Latin Night or Halloween. But there are more things to the Social Activities Committee, for example we also organize comedy nights, a live music night or a nightly visit to the museum. We also arrange two weekends every year, which is a great way to meet fellow students from different years! However, this is not everything as the Social Activities Committee will also organize a range of sportive events this year like a faculty wide football tournament, a teacher versus student football tournament or even a Machiavelli Olympics.

How can I be part of this?

Members make Machiavelli. The Social Activities Committee is responsible for giving Machiavelli its well beloved social side. The committee is of vital importance to the Social Activities Coordinator, who, together with his committee organizes all the stated events and makes Machiavelli a political scientist favorite study break.

Are you a party animal, regular theatre visitor or a pro at any sport? Do not hesitate to send an email to to apply for this years social activities committee. 

Applications to join the committee are closed until 2024-2025.

To apply send a 150 word motivation letter to and mention your favorite drink (alcoholic or non-alcoholic)! 
If you want further information, send an email to!


Gideon Benard - Social Activities Coordinator 2023-2024