Political Activities Committee

Political Activities Committee

For anyone yearning for events that complement the curriculum or explore the political world beyond our studies, Machiavelli organizes many political activities every year. Responsible for the organization of these events is a committee led by a coordinator. Besides joining the committee, you are always welcome to send your ideas to pac@svmachiavelli.nl.

Political Activities Committee

The PAC organizes diverse events ranging from debates, themed nights, discussions and field trips. This year will be extra interesting for the political events, since we have two elections coming up: The Dutch general elections in November and the European elections in June! There is a subcommittee of roughly thirty people responsible for each event. Each committee member gets a function assigned, for instance, the job to invite interesting speakers, work on promotion or look for location; tasks in which you can let your creativity flow! Subcommittees regularly meet up to discuss and update each other about the event. Joining the committee will grant you the possibility to create thought-provoking events (to your liking), help your network professionally and socially and joining it provides great opportunities to improve your organisational skills. 

Join us!

The committee works best when a lot of different people are working together. Challenge yourself to display all the aspects of the political spectrum and offer new and exciting formats within the events.

Applications to join the committee are closed until 2024-2025.

To apply, send a 150 motivation letter to pac@svmachiavelli.nl
If you want further information, send an email to pac@svmachiavelli.nl


Mees Sengers - Political Activities Coordinator 2023-2024