International Committee

International Committees

Dana Rentenaar: International Coordinator 2019-2020


Every year Machiavelli organises several trips to both entertaining and interesting destinations. Politics is everywhere and this offers Machiavelli plenty of opportunities to explore the world and its political institutions. The International Coordinator makes sure our members have the opportunity to go to cool destinations. Some places we've visited in the past include China, Suriname, Iran, Oman, Dubai, and Russia.


Our trips are not just about politics; the cultural and social side to our trips cannot be forgotten! Travelling to a foreign country and exploring it together forms strong bonds between all ages, nationalities and study tracks. Overall: Machiavelli’s trips are always an unforgettable experience.


As a member of the International Committees, you get to enjoy the extra satisfaction of having organised the trip yourself. Along with the International Coordinator, you can organise the political, cultural, and social activities that Machiavelli will do on location. Machiavelli organises seven trips: three trips within Europe, two to Brussels, one big trip to a different continent, and King of the Road (road)trip. Do you want to join the International Committee for one of these trips or would just like some more information? Simply send an email to