International Committee

International Committees


The International spirit is never lost in the International Committees! This year, we will organise events and trips to let Machiavelli members explore and learn about different countries and cultures. The events will be organised around international themes and can take very different forms!


The international events and trips are always a great way to socialize with the other Machiavelli members. Especially on trips, you can form strong bonds with other members from all years and nationalities. This makes the trips an unforgettable experience.


In the International Committees, you are able to organise events and trips in small committees of 3-5 members. These committees are really creative and have a great atmosphere to work on giving the Machiavelli members a great experience. You can contact embassies, parliaments, restaurants and much more to have diverse events on the trips. 

Applications to join the committee are closed until 2024-2025. 

If you want any further information, send an email to


Eda Adıyaman - International Coordinator 2023-2024