Career Committee

The Career Committee focuses on providing events that help students transition from studying Political Science, to finding a job. Together, the aim is to provide a platform for further inspiration and curiosity of the future to come. Within this committee you will have the opportunity to come up with creative ideas to show the broadness of the course, invite open discussion and contribute to better prepared students in the life after university. 

The Career Committee plans two types of events: networking events and skills events. 

Networking Events

The Networking events are made to broaden our horizon regarding what a Political Science student can do in the future. We contact larger and smaller private corporations and public administration representatives to share their experiences with us to get a closer look behind the closed doors of what we might be interested in the future. We will do this by also inviting our alumni students to share their experiences and creating that essential network. 

The Importance of Networking

Networking is one of the most effective and essential way to spread ideas, job opportunities, and understanding of the job market. Being a graduate of any university degree will partly land your first job, but having a broad network is what keeps it going. 

Skills Events

The Skills events are focused on providing students with the professional skill-set needed for getting a job, an interview, an internship among other professional skills that are likely to help your future career. This committee helps students practice interviews, set up professional LinkedIn profiles, creating a solid CV, and building a motivational letter structure. We will together in the committee find experts that can teach us all of these sometimes forgotten skills and have the best starting point after university. 

How to join

Applications to join this committee are closed until 2024-2025. Write a 150-word application letter to