Career Week: Workshop Evening


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Date and time
Feb 17, 2020 19:00 - 22:00

Career Week: Workshop Evening

February 17th, Machiavelli organises a workshop evening during wich you can acquire different kinds of career related skills. The evening takes place from 19:00 till 22:00 at the University Library Singel. The following workshops are offered: 

Round 1

De Jonge Honden: Your Worst Nightmare (this workshop lasts 2 hours)

As recent graduates, we know better than anyone that applying for a job is a true art form. And art needs practice. Jonge Honden has therefore created the "Your Worst Nightmare" job application workshop especially for students and starters. Participants get to work discovering their core qualities and practice in a real-life role play with confrontational application scenarios.

De Jonge Honden is an unique junior consultancy firm based in Utrecht that specializes in dynamic energizing advice.

Public Matters

Public Matters is a lobbying firm based in both Brussels and the Hague. Of course these locations aren’t randomly chosen. Public Matters is one of the more known organizations helping organizations of all kinds with representing their interests to the political arena. Companies can also count on Public Matters’ services when advice is needed for new laws or trade restrictions impacting the company’s business. However, they have a non-profit branch as well.

Their workshop will be, as an educated guesser might have thought, about how to represent group interests and working in public affairs in general.

Round 2

De Jonge Honden (second half of the workshop)

SolveNL (you can't sign up for this workshop if you sign up voor de Jonge Honden)

SolveNL is a consultancy firm that tries to close the gap between ambitious students and companies that deal with all kind of complex issues. This company strives to increase the social awareness of future professionals by connecting students and organisations. During this workshop, you will get an insight in what it’s really like to work in this company, and consultancy firms in general.

Round 3

EU Career Centre by Johan Lammers

Johan will talk about his experience at the European Commission's European Political Strategy Centre, the in-house think-tank of the President's Cabinet and the College of Commissioners. He currently works as a strategy consultant. Prior to his Blue Book traineeship, Johan completed a BSc at Leiden University College and an MA at King's College Dpt. of War Studies.

The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies

The Hague Centre for Strategic Studies is an independent think tank. Since its establishment in 2003 the institute has been concerned with analysing security issues on both the national and international level. The institute is internationally known and advises supranational governments and its militaries worldwide. How can the use of military force be avoided as much as possible, and what will modern warfare look like if avoidance is not an option?

Their workshop will be on the Dutch Foreign Relation index. How to use statistics and, crucially, how to operationalise analyse them in order to give advice on foreign policy?



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