First Pub Lecture

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Date and time
Nov 30, 2020 17:30 - 19:00

First Pub Lecture

Join Machiavelli for our first Pub Lecture of the new academic year on the 30th of November!!!

Grab a beer and join your friends while learning about the current immigration crisis in the US increasing polarisation in 21st century politics. Go to a lecture like never before, namely were both teacher and students are accompanied by some drinks!


The Pub Lecture will run from 17:30-19:00 and will end with an interactive Kahoot where the top 3 winners will each claim an amazing prize!



Associate professor Imke Harbers. Her research focuses are on subnational political institutions, state capacity, citizenship and democracy, with a regional emphasis on Latin America.

Assistant Professor Eelco Harteveld. He studies and teaches political behavior, with a focus on populism and polarization.


The Zoom link for the event is:

Meeting ID: 834 4264 7997


See you there!