LCB 2023

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Board 22-23
Date and time
May 15, 2023 09:45 - 19:45
De Bazel

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The theme of Public Trust broadens the possibilities for the congress to explore many aspects of society and how it affects all corners of our lives. Trust in society, government, public, private and even the media are areas which can be touched upon. The world of corruption, fake news, scandals and pitfalls create advantages and disadvantages to different parties of the scope. Public trust is a contested concept which allows debate, discussion and research to deepen the theme to its full potential. Many have given their opinion on how to boil down the conceptualisation but still creates a sphere inviting diverse speakers to engage.

Diversity is important to cover the size of the concept and to give the participants a wide range of positionalities and connections to real life societal complications. Furthermore, the theme can be operationalized and put into action and practicality as it is surrounding us on a recurring basis through elections, news, media, communities, workplace and institutions.


Tickets to the LCB 2023

The LCB 2023 will take place on May 15th in Amsterdam. Attending this congress gives you the opportunity to meet companies and organisations who are looking for students and graduates for jobs and internships (Dutch and International options). Major politicians and professionals are also there to give keynote speeches and workshops on a variety of topics related to the theme ‘Public Trust’. All in all, it’s a fun day with enriching experiences where a catered lunch and a ‘borrel’ are included.