Machiavelli's First Publecture

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Onderwijs Commissie
Date and time
Nov 12, 2018 20:00 - 23:00
Bar Bukowski

Machiavelli's First Publecture

It's time for Machiavelli's first Pub lecture!

On the 12th of November we invite a lecturer from our department to a bar to speak, drink and discuss with us. The idea is to take lecturers out of their comfort zone and listen to them speak about something they are passionate about while enjoying a beer or a glas of wine. We get the chance to listen to an interesting speaker talk about something educational and exciting at the same time. And of course we will all enjoy a beer or two - this evening is about fun after all!

And the best part? The event is completely FREE!

Stay tuned the coming week to find out who will be speaking for us and what the topic of the evening will be!

Looking forward to seeing you all on the 12th of November!

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