Second-hand book submission

About this event

17 - 21 Jan 2022

Second-hand textbooks submission:


  1. Go to:

  2. Click on ‘Sell your textbooks’ 

  3. Fill in the ISBN of the book you would like to sell and follow the steps as indicated on the website. 

  4. See the schedule for the submission days of your textbooks. 

! Smartbooks only accepts second-hand books that are currently used in the curriculum. The correct editions are required for submission. To check if you have the right edition, submit the ISBN, the website will tell you whether it’s eligible for the sale. 



Opening book sale (pick-up) 

January 3

Opening shipping (international + domestic)

January 10

Closing book sale (first pickup)

January 17 @ 23:59

Second-hand drop-off 

January 17-21 (Machia room)

Pick up days

Thursday 27 & Friday 28

*Dates may change, depending on COVID restrictions.

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