UvAMUN by SV Machiavelli

In June, Studievereniging Machiavelli will be hosting our very first Model United Nations simulation UvAMUN by SV Machiavelli.

What is MUN?

A simulation of a United Nations conference. Each delegate who participates is assigned a member state for which they must defend the interests and represent the member state as best you can. Each member state has one vote and participates in specific committees. 

How do I participate?

Applications for delegate positions are now open! Go to https://www.svmachiavelli.nl/activities/uvamun-by-sv-machiavelli to sign-up. 

What is the role of a delegate

​​​​The role of a delegate is to seek consensus while pushing for their country’s interests. Before the MUN, they must thoroughly research the position of the country they represent, on general topics as well as those of the conference. Thanks to this preliminary work, they will prepare clauses - or law propositions - that they will later present - and defend - in front of other delegates. As such, they then finally engage in (heated) debates about their vision on of the ideal world-society. Clauses are defended, attacked, dismantled, or developed thanks to amendments submitted during the conference.

They must then vote on every procedure, following their countries’ positions as well as alliances and antagonisms. After multiple sessions of caucus, debates, votes, and note-passing, committees will present the all other delegates the clauses they passed, during the general assembly. A final vote will be submitted, where delegations will ardently defend their work.

While debating is the delegate’s central role, the most important one is to have fun. You will spend 2 days together playing of the stage of world politics. Enjoy the experience, take advantage of it to meet new people, perfect your research and debating skills. 

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