Workshop Aiesec - Personal Branding

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Career Committee
Date and time
Feb 7, 2023 17:00 - 18:30

Workshop Aiesec - Personal Branding

A workshop on personal branding is what everyone should have at some point in their life

"Can you shortly introduce yourself" - it is one of the first questions asked during a job interview. But why is it so hard to pitch yourself in moments like these? What do you say about yourself? What does the other person want to hear? In this training, you learn all about how to effectively pitch yourself and your qualities to leave a good first impression.

We will have this workshop on the 7th of February taught by Aiesec from 17-18. As we dive into the cornerstones of how to present yourself and your qualities we will engage with other Political Science students and career oriented individuals. 

Come join - limited spots - sign up opens on the 24th of January. 

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