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Book Sale

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As a member of Machiavelli, you can order your books with a discount each semester.

It is clearly stated for which course and year the books are, so you cannot mess it up. You can be sure that your teachers will use these books, because we made sure to check with them beforehand. The books have to be paid for directly, with the discount already included. You will receive a confirmation and will be able to pick up your books on a designated location, and will not be able to pay at a later moment or at the time of your pick up! It is important that you are a member when you order your books. Are you an upcoming first years? You can sign up as a member at the introduction day, at our office, or on our website. It is no problem if you order your books before you become a member. We will sign you up when you pick up your books. The membership cost will be automatically collected, so it does not have to be paid at that moment. You can find out contact information on our website by clicking on ‘contact’. If you have any questions about the booksale or want more information, send an email to

Collaboration with Athenaeum Bookstore

Our collaboration with the Athenaeum Bookstore at Spui gives the members of Machiavelli certain benefits. First of all, the obvious discount on the books ordered through the web store, 10% on the Dutch titles and 18% on the foreign titles. Next to that, there is a discount of 10% on books from the genres politics and philosophy for members of Machiavelli. This discount is applied when presenting your membership card, which is given at the start of a new school year to all members.