Book Sales

Book Sale

Dear bookworms,

WE HAVE GOOD NEWS! The book sale is online! The books and their edition have been confirmed by your teachers to be correct. As members, you will get a 15% discount on English books and a 10% discount on Dutch books. Use the following link to get your discount:{affiliate_id}

In the list for associations, choose ‘Machiavelli’, then ‘BA Political Science’, the year that you are in, language track and semester. Now your complete book list will pop-up.

The book pick-up will be possible at the UvA. We can hand out the books following the guidelines of the Dutch government!

Is it absolutely necessary for you to get the books delivered to your home? In that case, Athenaeum can offer you the opportunity of delivery from the 15th of January and onwards via the university module of Athenaeum Bookstore. However, please keep in mind that because of the busyness at the postal services due to COVID-19 situation and Brexit, your order can be delayed. 

If you have any questions, don't hesitate to email!

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