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Review First Weekend 2017

This October, in traditional fashion, Machiavelli went on its first weekend. As a commission member, I had the privilege on experiencing this weekend first hand. I have been on these weekends before, but being a commission member as well as a reporter, that was a challenge. If you were on the first weekend, yes, I was watching you, hoping you’d do something weird. If you did something, and I don’t know about it, good on you. This all may sound weird, but hey, it all comes with the job. And for studying everything weird on this weekend, there was plenty of source material.

Blessed be the person who decided we were going to hire a bus. I recall previous years, the endless hazards of travelling by public transport to whatever hole at the end of the world we had to be at. This year, we had the luxury to lean back, and wait for the driver to tell us to get out. The excitement was occupying the air. I might have been able to smell it, but unfortunately, I was busy enjoying my first beer of the weekend. I could feel it though, or it was Robbin sitting next to me, finally going to his first weekend, after only four years of studying.

Arriving at our final destination, we all walked up towards our barracks, I call them barracks because you couldn’t possibly call that an accommodation, I started to realize bringing a solid glass plate hadn’t been the smartest choice. I could hear the thousand little pieces of glass going around in my bag, through all of my clothes and my sleeping bag. Yes, good fortunes were ahead.

Being a commission member I had yet another task this weekend, and this was steering my group to victory in the games ahead. Due to my professional nature, this was a challenge well suited for me. It therefore could not be a surprise to any soul that our group took the first spot immediately by winning the pubquiz. The rest of the night I helped myself to as much alcohol I could handle, and I was glad to see I wasn’t the only one doing so. With a weird sense of pride, I finished the day, ready for more to come.

 The next day it was time for some more games. I was lucky enough to help with the race, in which teams had to run our set track carrying beer crates. This was the moment I realised how much I lacked a sense of responsibility. People ran, people fell, and I? I laughed, and life was good.

After a very, very, very arousing chair dance, and a somewhat chaotic dinner, I was ready to do what I do best, drink. This was also the evening we learnt that our group won(!). This is the part where I must confess that this is all due to those first years, and not because of me. I was barely able to help them, due to my commission commitments. To the victors go the spoils, and they more than deserved them.

Once again, the weekend was unforgettable. The board did amazing, as well as the commission members, but best of all were you, the participants. Thank you so much. Let’s do it again sometime. Who’s up for next week?

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