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Short Story: Eighteen is just too much...

Living in a community (how many people do you need to talk about a ‘community’?18 students is enough, right?), is GREAT! No, really, it is! But I have to be honest here; there are things you (REALLY) want to avoid.


You know that time when everyone suddenly needs to go to the toilet? At the same time?

Just imagine... 8 am on a Monday. You just woke up. Somebody is singing in the shower (it’s AWFUL. I mean, it sounds like some cats are being slaughtered in there!) You are in a great mood (thinking about how to kill this terrorist), and suddenly, you realize that you REALLY need to go to the toilet. There’s one problem though, you’re not the only one awake (Those lungs won’t shut up!!), and so, you’re left waiting 20 minutes for your turn (17 people, 2 toilets. Sounds like the hunger games right?). And it’s when you finally sit down, (THANK GOD the bathroom singer just stopped), that you realize that you forgot your roll of toilet paper (Are you kidding? Of course you need to have your own!! Toilet paper is a rare thing, especially these days…). Anyway. You stay calm (today is going to be a great day), you go back to your room, and by the time you come back, SOMEONE JUST STOLE YOUR PLACE.                                                                                                                                                                   And that’s how you ruin your day…

GETTING OUT OF THE SHOWER can also be tricky.

You want to avoid bumping into someone, wrapped in a towel, desperately trying to hold it in place, while your hands are full of shampoo bottles. On top of that, your feet are dripping wet, which makes it REALLY HARD to cross the hallway, without slipping every two steps. (From my experience, CRABBY WALK IS NOT SEXY. AT ALL. )

So, to avoid these awkward situations, you might want to adopt some strategies. Some people wait patiently, listening to every noise, waiting for the best time to get out of their room, and run to the toilet as fast as they can, falling on the ground because a dumb-ass just got out of the shower and spilled water everywhere. Or other just scare the crap out of you, in the middle of the night because they decided to take a shower at 3 in the morning.

THE KITCHEN is not the nicest place either. Other than the sinks which are full of dirty plates and clogged with some surprising (disgusting) stuff (You wouldn’t believe what you can find in a sink! Don4t get me even started on the fridge), the overused and burnt pans, tend to turn your scramble eggs BLACK. So you could think about buying your fridge, why not? It’s a great idea! If (and it’s a BIG if), you have a working elevator and don’t have to climb seven floors, on foot, carrying a fridge (Yes, even if it said MINI FRIDGE on the website).

Oh, and did I mentioned the ONLY ONE washing machine? If you’re not stupid like me, it should be fine, but if, after a month you REALLY need to wash some clothes and that, you happen to be in a foreign country, PLEASE JUST DOWNLOAD GOOGLE TRANSLATE! I didn’t do it straight away… So, when I used the washing machine for the first time (washing machine which was OBVIOUSLY IN DUTCH), I just figured I would press every button, and it would work! (Yeah… it didn’t…) In fact, after two hours, I went to pick up my clothes and realized that I had just put them in the DRYER.

Now at least you know what to expect. It’s already time to look for a place for next year. I might share something with some roommates. After all, what could go wrong? Living with 5 strangers is great, right?

Illustration by Jana Paegle

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