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The other side of Vladimir

We all know Vladimir Putin as the vicious dictator of Russia, who gives orders to kill his political opponents, invades other countries and possesses vast amounts of wealth, which he has probably acquired as transparently as possible. Anyways, these are the things which you always find in the news when mister Vladimir again decides to do something crazy or a new corruption scandal arises. But there are also very odd and funny things about Putin which you may not know. So here it is, the other side of Putin, brought to you from Russia with love.

First of all, he’s an alpha male, and he tries hard to demonstrate it. Putin grew up in a communal apartment surrounded by deprivation and poverty. He used to spend his days in the street and was becoming a street hooligan when Judo coach approached him and offered to start practising this discipline. Eventually, Putin acquired a black belt and various other awards in this field. He also plays hockey, as it is the most popular sport in Russia. Apart from that, you might have heard about him going on whale-shooting stints or riding a horse while being shirtless. I would not offend this guy in the bar if I were you.

But wait, we all know that tough guys are soft inside. Vlad is no exception: he’s an animal lover. Just look at that picture above, pure cuteness. You might not even tell that this guy laying next to his dogs is a former KGB agent. He has three dogs, a goat, a dwarf horse and, last but not least, a Siberian tiger cub. Interesting combination, isn’t it? What’s more, he knows how to use his pets to get political gains and show his power. When meeting with Angela Merkel in 2007, Putin called his dog into a room, being well aware of German Chancellor’s fear of dogs.

Vlad’s also got talent! In 2010, he surprised everyone when he took the stage to perform Fats Domino classic “Blueberry Hill”. Gerard Depardieu (a good friend of Putin) was just fascinated and just couldn’t stop clapping and smiling. Putin can also play piano and does it quite often. He claims to have a taste for classical music, with Bach, Beethoven, and Mozart said to be his favourites.  

I will now make De Derde Dinsdag a tabloid, because we are going to look at Putin’s love life. Although this part of Putin is kept under the closed doors, there are some interesting facts. 

Putin has two daughters from his ex-wife, and they both are said to have attended colleges under fake identities. And one of them appears to live with a mysterious Dutch businessman Jorrit Faasen. The couple fled Holland after the relations between Russia and The Netherlands soured following MH17 disaster. Quite a detective story indeed. 

All in all, we can certainly say that Mr. Putin is an interesting guy. Not often you find a cold-blooded former KGB agent with a taste for Mozart, who also happens to own a tiger cub. Other bad guys have to step up.


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