Student Talk: Youth Representative at the UN and AI & Politics

In this Student Talk we have two special students as our guests. We are joined by Mert Kumru, Youth Representative of the Netherlands at the United Nations and one of the founders of the podcast about the political parties, the “KiesWijzer”, and Deric’s dear brother, Marten Rozema, Student AI at the UvA. Together we will talk about Mert’s role as a youth representative, how it is to give a speech at the United Nations Headquarters, what his own podcast is about and about the influences of AI and Social Media on politics. We will also discuss some weird party plans of the Dutch political parties.

Enjoy this friendly conversation if you want some distraction or if you want some entertainment!

Time stamp: after 37:55 we will talk about other things than the United Nations and Mert’s Experiences as a Youth Representative.

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Mert’s Podcast:

Video of our king with Mark Rutte at the UN: