Teacher Talk: Judith Huigens - First Year Coordinator

This Teacher Talk we are joined by the critical and passionate Judith Huigens! Judith is the First Year Coordinator and one of the "good guys" of Political Science. If you did the Bachelor of Political Science you have certainly seen her at least once! Join Judith and Deric to get to know Judith better, to hear us talk about all the options that the university wants to keep hidden from you and random stuff like growing courgettes, retirement plans, Judith's Machiavelli days, tourists in Amsterdam and cycling podcasts. 

Join us if you want to get to know your teachers better, if you want some background noise while you do some tasks or if you simply want to be entertained!!!

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(The name of the old university building we talk about in this podcast is "Oudemanhuispoort" for those who want to visit it)