Teacher Talk: Armèn Hakhverdian - Bachelor Director

Today we are joined by the Bachelor Director and the teacher of the course Democracies, Autocracies and transitions, Armèn Hakhverdian. I will talk with Armen Hakhverdian about his life, his own podcast Stuk Rood Vlees, the baking show "Heel Holland Bakt", what his Marvel origin story is, why he became a professor and much more! Listen to the podcast if you want to get to know our Bachelor Director or if you simply want to be entertained for 44 minutes!

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Armèn's podcast Stuk Rood Vlees: https://open.spotify.com/show/5AoyOxRhUh9MobXU3DSkFF?si=skNXGMabQ5ik2TtDByJYqw.

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