External Relations committee

External Relations Committee

Machiavelli is the study association for Political Science students at the University of Amsterdam, and with nearly 1600 members Machiavelli is both the biggest and oldest Political Science study association in the country. The External Relations Committee of Machiavelli is responsible for the recruitment of companies and funds that can support the association and their members in any way. Our committee members work together to creatively search for making agreements with external parties that come of use by the organization of events, offering a strong network, work experience, extracurricular opportunities and generally closing deals that are interesting to political science students in Amsterdam. Additionally, we appreciate such aforementioned parties reaching out to us for a collaboration where we likewise can offer you our broad competence and widespread abilities.

Applications to join the committee for the year 2023-2024 are open!!

To apply, send a 150 word motivation letter to treasurer@svmachiavelli.nl and mention one company with which you would want to partner with.

If you want any further information, send an email to externalrelations@svmachiavelli.nl.


Teun Sparreboom - Treasurer 2023-2024